T Marie Intong
T Marie IntongDesign Coordinator
Creating a balance between esthetics & functionality, T. Marie loves helping clients envision spaces that reflect their lifestyle. Composing breathtaking first impressions or multi-functional family spaces, she has efficient design solutions. She holds a BS in Interior Design from the Art Institute of San Diego & years of experience with high-end construction companies & international Interior Design firms. T. Marie is eager to make your vision a reality.
Lorna Moelter
Lorna MoelterDesign Coordinator
Lorna is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California and comes to Bassett with over 30 years experience in residential design. Her background serves her well when working with clients. Always thinking out of the box, she believes every space has it’s own uniqueness and she brings out that special quality for each design project she creates.
Julie Contreras
Julie ContrerasDesign Coordinator
Ever since she was a child, Julie has always had a passion for design. After earning a degree in Interior Design as well as having a strong art background, she is able to use the knowledge gained and apply them with each project. Julie has many years of experience in home staging and interior designing. Julie believes every room should feel warm and cozy with a touch of sophistication. Julie provides her clients with the utmost satisfaction of creating a comfortable livable space for every family.
Stacey Hackett
Stacey HackettDesign Coordinator
Cynthia Berman
Cynthia BermanDesign Manager
Cynthia’s love of design began in Canada where she studied interior design and architecture. Moving to Los Angeles she spent many years creating designs for fashion and textiles. She is passionate about lifestyle design and is a confessed HGTV addict. She loves eclectic spaces of colour & texture and finds inspiration everywhere. Cynthia believes every client’s home should reflect who they are. Listening is key to creating a beautiful space.