Bassett – an American original

A History More Than 100 Years in the Making

A company’s heritage cannot be invented simply by using words like “authentic” and “genuine.”  A legacy is built over time, with people trusting your brand for generations.  Bassett was born in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in 1902 by these hard working men.  They shared our founder’ vision to create well-made furniture for American families that’s both stylish and affordable,  Our deep sense of hospitality is grounded in our Southern roots.  We still love helping people make beautiful homes.  And we’re still in Bassett, Virginia, not far from where this picture was taken.  So when you hear “authentic” remember, it’s more than a word, it’s a legacy.

A Trusted Name For More Than 100 Years

Throughout the decades, and the many furniture trends, Bassett has been trusted for its exceptional quality, style and value.  We don’t take that for granted.  We take joy in knowing that people trust us every day.  It’s humbling to think of how our hard work becomes a part of our customers’ everyday lives.  To us, it’s more than just furniture.  It’s what transforms an empty house into a comfortable, beautiful place to live.  Where your family’s story is written in the quiet moments and the celebrations.  We would love to be a part of that in your home.  And we’ll earn your trust just like we’ve done since 1902.

Crafted in Texas and North Carolina

by people who want your upholstery to be as beautiful and well made as you do.

In the Early 1960’s

Bassett acquired Prestige Furniture, a high-quality upholstery company in North Carolina.  This allowed us to produce any and all furniture needed to furnish a home.  We revolutionized upholstery production with small team manufacturing, which eliminated the assembly lines.  Today, small teams work together to complete each piece and they hold each other accountable for quality standards.  Exceptional materials, brilliant engineering, and the artistry of the craftsmen and tailors combine to create one beautiful, well-made sofa.  Enjoy!